September, 17-22, 2006. Alicante, Spain
"Towards the European Digital Library"

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ECDL2006 invites proposals for Panels. Panels should be lively, dynamic, and provoke discussion. They are NOT paper presentations or reports. If slides are included, they should be few in number and briefly covered, aimed mostly to set the stage for discussion. In no case should presentation time exceed 1/3 to 1/2 of the total time.

Optimally, panels address controversial subjects of interest to a large community of ECDL participants, and are titled with a provocative question. Ample time should be allowed for questions and discussions engaging the audience. The number of panel members should be limited to no more than 4-5 plus the panel leader.

Important dates

Panels submission: March 3 March 11, 2006
Notification of acceptance: May 15, 2006

Instructions for authors

Panel proposals must be sent via email, specifying "ECDL2006 Panel Proposal" in the Subject field.

Proposals for panels should contain:

  • a cover page listing
    • a title, possibly in the form of a provocative question that panelists address from a pro/con perspective
    • contact information and a brief CV of the proposer / panel chair
  • a list of planned panelists with contact details
  • a short (max. 1 page) abstract giving a brief description of the issue under discussion, listing pro and con arguments, to be published on the website.

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